Liza Giles Interior Stylist and Art Director based in London.



After beginning my styling career with Sir Terence Conran, I worked for Designers Guild as Senior Stylist for 16 years, before becoming an independent freelance Stylist.

Here I had the pleasure of working alongside Company founder Tricia Guild and Creative Stylist Jo Willer, where together we have worked in collaboration to produce much of the beautiful photography on this website.  

As part of the creative team, headed by Tricia Guild, we have directed and styled shoots around the world, with an uncompromising eye for detail, honing the distinctive company style with imagination and flair to produce innovative and inspirational imagery.

I now work independently as an Art Director/Stylist, on both Editorial and commercial commissions.                

My style is free, lively and instinctive, applied with balance, consideration and restrain.



As a designer and artist, I have always painted along side my interior work and I approach both disciplines in the same way - both require balance, composition and form. With a nod to twentieth century artists my mix media works in oil and vintage collage, celebrate the purity of abstract expressionism, communicating simply through the use of colour shape and texture. 



With thanks to James Merrell and Polly Wreford for their beautiful pictures

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